an open-source JavaScript library
for mobile-friendly interactive maps

Leaflet Plugins

While Leaflet is meant to be as lightweight as possible, and focuses on a core set of features, an easy way to extend its functionality is to use third-party plugins. Thanks to the awesome community behind Leaflet, there are literally hundreds of nice plugins to choose from.

Tile & image layers

The following plugins allow loading different maps and provide functionality to tile and image layers.

Basemap providers

Ready-to-go basemaps, with little or no configuration at all.

leaflet-providers Contains configurations for various free tile providers — OSM, OpenCycleMap, MapQuest, Stamen, Esri, etc. leaflet-extras members
Leaflet.KoreanTmsProviders Contains configurations for various (South) Korean tile providers — Daum, Naver, VWorld, etc. Seong Choi
Leaflet.ChineseTmsProviders Contains configurations for various Chinese tile providers — TianDiTu, MapABC, GaoDe, etc. Tao Huang
Esri Leaflet A set of tools for using ArcGIS services with Leaflet. Support for map services, feature layers, ArcGIS Online tiles and more. Patrick Arlt
Leaflet.GIBS NASA EOSDIS GIBS imagery integration. The plugin provides 96 daily updated layers with satellite imagery and science parameters. Demo. Alexander Parshin
L.TileLayer.Kartverket Provides easy setup of the tile layers from Kartverket (The Norwegian Mapping Authority) Kultur og naturreise / Atle Frenvik Sveen
Leaflet.Spain.WMS Provides easy setup for several Web Map Services (WMS) layers for Spain (PNOA, IGN base, Catastro, etc), from Spanish mapping agencies. Patricio Soriano

Basemap formats

Plugins for loading basemaps or GIS raster layers in common (albeit non-default) formats.

leaflet.TileLayer.WMTS Add WMTS (IGN) layering for leaflet. Alexandre Melard
azgs-leaflet A set of small plugins for Leaflet, including WFS-GeoJSON layer with filtering, a hover control for GeoJSON, and an Esri tile layer. AZGS
leaflet.wms Enhanced WMS support for Leaflet, including single-tile/untiled layers, shared WMS sources, and layer identify via GetFeatureInfo. S. Andrew Sheppard
(HEI Geo)
Leaflet.bpg TileLayer with .bpg image format decoding. Andrzej Zaborowski
TileLayer.GeoJSON A TileLayer for GeoJSON tiles. Glen Robertson
leaflet-tilejson Adds support for the TileJSON specification to Leaflet. Per Liedman, Kartena
cartodb-leaflet Official CartoDB plugin for Leaflet. Vizzuality
Leaflet-2gis Adds support for 2GIS tile layer Eugene Mikhalev

Non-map base layers

Sometimes you don’t want to load a map, just big custom images. Really big ones.

TileLayer.Zoomify A TileLayer for Zoomify images. Bjørn Sandvik
TileLayer.DeepZoom A TileLayer for DeepZoom images. Al Farisi, Indokreatif Teknologi
TileLayer.Gigapan A TileLayer for Gigapan images. Dan Sherman
Leaflet.TileLayer.IIP Add support for IIPImage layers in Leaflet. Emmanuel Bertin
Leaflet-IIIF A IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) viewer for Leaflet. See the demo. Jack Reed
Leaflet.MandelbrotGL Renders the Mandelbrot set using WebGL (demo). Iván Sánchez
leaflet-fractal Renders some fractals (Mandelbrot set, Julia set and some others) using 2D canvas (demo). Alexander Parshin

Tile/image display

The following plugins change the way that tile or image layers are displayed in the map.

TileLayer.BoundaryCanvas Allows you to draw tile layers with arbitrary polygonal boundary. HTML5 Canvas is used for rendering. Alexander Parshin
TileLayer.Grayscale A regular TileLayer with grayscale makeover. Ilya Zverev
Leaflet.ImageTransform Add support of image overlays with arbitrary perspective transformation. Alexander Parshin, Sergey Alekseev
Leaflet.OpacityControls Simple Leaflet controls to adjust the opacity of a map layer. Jared Dominguez
Leaflet.DistortableImage Enable users to scale, rotate, and distort images on Leaflet maps. Public Lab
Leaflet.TileLayer.Mask A TileLayer with mask effect (demo) Yuzo Matsuzawa

Tile Load

The following plugins change the way that tile layers are loaded into the map.

Leaflet.MultiTileLayer Allows to compose a TileLayer from several tile sources. Each source is active only on a defined set of zoomlevels. Mattias Bengtsson
Leaflet.FunctionalTileLayer Allows you to define tile layer URLs using a function. Even works with asynchronous sources, using promises. Ishmael Smyrnow
TileLayer.Cordova For use with Cordova/Phonegap, adds tile caching onto local device storage, switching between offline and online mode. Greg Allensworth
TileLayer.PouchDBCached Allows all Leaflet TileLayers to cache into PouchDB for offline use. Iván Sánchez Ortega, MazeMap
Leaflet.loading A simple control that adds a loading indicator as tiles and other data are loaded. Eric Brelsford
Leaflet.EdgeBuffer Buffer tiles beyond the edge of the viewport. Demo. Alex Paterson

Vector tiles

Plugins to display vector tiles.

Leaflet.MapboxVectorTile A Leaflet Plugin that renders Mapbox Vector Tiles on canvas. See demo SpatialDev
Hoverboard Render vector tiles on canvas with leaflet (geojson, topojson, and protobuf). See demo. Tristan Davies
geojson-vt Efficient library for slicing GeoJSON data into vector tiles on the fly. Mapbox

Overlay data

The following plugins provide new ways of loading overlay data (GIS vector data): points, lines and polygons.

Overlay data formats

Load your own data from various GIS formats.

leaflet-omnivore Loads & converts CSV, KML, GPX, TopoJSON, WKT formats for Leaflet. Mapbox
Leaflet.FileLayer Loads files (GeoJSON, GPX, KML) into the map using the HTML5 FileReader API (i.e. locally without server). Mathieu Leplatre
Leaflet.geoCSV Leaflet plugin for loading a CSV file as geoJSON layer. Iván Eixarch
Leaflet.Shapefile Put a shapefile onto your map as a layer. Calvin Metcalf
Leaflet.FileGDB Put an ESRI File GeoDatabase onto your map as a layer. Calvin Metcalf
Leaflet.encoded Use encoded polylines in Leaflet. Jieter
Leaflet GPX GPX layer, targeted at sporting activities by providing access to information such as distance, moving time, pace, elevation, heart rate, etc. Maxime Petazzoni
Wicket A modest library for translating between Well-Known Text (WKT) and Leaflet geometry objects (e.g. between L.marker() instances and "POINT()" strings). K. Arthur Endsley
QGIS2Leaf QGIS2Leaf exports the vector layers in QGIS as GeoJSON and creates a basic Leaflet webmap from it. Additionally your raster data is added as image overlays with an opacity slider. Geolicious
Leaflet-WFST WFS client layer with transaction support Flexberry

Dynamic/custom data loading

Load dynamic data which is updated in the map, or load GIS vector data in non-standard ways.

Leaflet Realtime Put realtime data on a Leaflet map: live tracking GPS units, sensor data or just about anything. Per Liedman
Leaflet Ajax Add GeoJSON data via ajax or jsonp. Calvin Metcalf
Leaflet.Liveupdate Periodically ('live') update something on a map (Demo) Martijn Grendelman
Leaflet.Pouch Use PouchDB to sync CouchDB data to local storage (indexedDB), to just add couchDB data or as just a less confusing implementation of indexedDB. Calvin Metcalf
Leaflet.Indoor Create indoor maps. Christopher Baines

Synthetic overlays

These plugins create useful overlays from scratch, no loading required.

Leaflet.Graticule Draws a grid of latitude and longitude lines. Bjørn Sandvik
Leaflet.SimpleGraticule Draws a grid lines for L.CRS.Simple coordinate system. Andrew Blakey
Leaflet.Terminator Overlay day and night regions on a map. Jörg Dietrich

Data providers

Load overlay data from third-party-services. See also basemap providers and plugin collections.

Leaflet Vector Layers Allows to easily create vector layers from a number of geo web services, such as ArcGIS Server, Arc2Earth, GeoIQ, CartoDB and GIS Cloud. Jason Sanford
Leaflet Layer Overpass Easily include data from the overpass api. kartenkarsten
Leaflet.dbpediaLayer A layer with Points of interest from Wikipedia - loaded via ajax from DBpedia's SPARQL endpoint. Kr1

Overlay display

The following plugins provide new ways of displaying overlay data information.

Markers & renderers

These plugins provide new markers or news ways of converting abstract data into images in your screen. Leaflet users versed in GIS also known these as symbolizers.

Leaflet.ellipse Leaflet.ellipse place ellipses on map by specifying center point, semi-major axis, semi-minor axis, and tilt degrees from west. JD Fergason
Leaflet.label Adds text labels to map markers and vector layers. Jacob Toye
Leaflet-semicircle Adds functionality to L.Circle to draw semicircles. Jieter
Leaflet.PolylineDecorator Allows you to draw patterns (like dashes, arrows or evenly spaced Markers) along Polylines or coordinate paths. Benjamin Becquet
Leaflet.Sprite Use sprite based icons in your markers. Calvin Metcalf
Leaflet.TextPath Allows you to draw text along Polylines. Mathieu Leplatre
Leaflet.Awesome-Markers Colorful, iconic & retina-proof markers based on the Font Awesome icons/Twitter Bootstrap icons Lennard Voogdt
Leaflet.MakiMarkers Create markers using Maki Icons from MapBox. James Seppi
Leaflet.LineExtremities Show symbols at the extremities of polylines, using SVG markers. Frédéric Bonifas
Leaflet.VectorMarkers Vector SVG markers for Leaflet, with an option for Font Awesome/Twitter Bootstrap icons. Mathias Schneider
Leaflet.pattern Add support for pattern fills on Paths. Tyler Eastman
Leaflet.BoatMarker A boat marker using HTML Canvas for displaying yachts and sailboats with heading and wind information. Demo. Thomas Brüggemann
leaflet-usermarker Plugin for plotting a marker representing a user - or multiple users - on a map, with support for drawing an accuraccy circle. Can be seen in action on Longitude.me. Jonatan Heyman
Leaflet.geojsonCSS Geojson CSS implementation for Leaflet. Alexander Burtsev
OSM Buildings Amazing JS library for visualizing 3D OSM building geometry on top of Leaflet. Jan Marsch
Leaflet.EdgeMarker Plugin to indicate the existence of Features outside of the current view. Gerald Pape
Leaflet.orientedMarker Allows to manage orientation of markers dynamically. Gismartwaredev

Overlay animations

These plugins animate markers or some geometries. See also geometries with time or elevation.

Leaflet.AnimatedMarker Animate a marker along a polyline. Aaron Ogle
Leaflet.BounceMarker Make a marker bounce when you add it to a map. Maxime Hadjinlian
Leaflet.SmoothMarkerBouncing Smooth animation of marker bouncing for Leaflet. Alexei KLENIN
Leaflet.MovingMarker Allow to move markers along a polyline with custom durations. Ewoken
Leaflet.TransitionedIcon Transition in/out markers with CSS3 transitions. It supports jitter for staggering markers into view to prevent visual overload. See the demo. Brian Reavis


When you are displaying a lot of data, these plugins will make your map look cleaner.

Leaflet.markercluster Beautiful, sophisticated, high performance marker clustering solution with smooth animations and lots of great features. Recommended! Dave Leaver
Leaflet.LayerGroup.Collision Provides collision detection for groups of markers. Unlike clustering, this takes into account the shape & size of the markers. Iván Sánchez Ortega, MazeMap
Overlapping Marker Spiderfier Deals with overlapping markers in a Google Earth-inspired way by gracefully springing them apart on click. George MacKerron
PruneCluster Fast and realtime marker clustering library. Antoine Pultier
Leaflet.Deflate Deflates lines and polygons to a marker when their screen size becomes too small in lower zoom levels. Oliver Roick
Leaflet.GridCluster Create grid-based clusters in realtime. Andreas Kiefer
q-cluster Quick point clustering library with D3 categorization. Nicholas Hallahan


These plugins create heatmaps and heatmap-like visualizations from vector data.

MaskCanvas Canvas layer that can be used to visualize coverage. Dominik Moritz
HeatCanvas Simple heatmap api based on HTML5 canvas. Sun Ning
heatmap.js JavaScript Library for HTML5 canvas based heatmaps. Its Leaflet layer implementation supports large datasets because it is tile based and uses a quadtree index to store the data. Patrick Wied
Leaflet divHeatmap Lightweight and versatile heatmap layer based on CSS3 and divIcons Daniele Piccone
WebGL Heatmap High performance Javascript heatmap plugin using WebGL. Benjamin J DeLong


Powerful multi-purpose libraries for data visualization.

RaphaelLayer Allows you to use Raphael as a layer on a Leaflet map for advanced animations and visualizations. Dynamic Methods
Leaflet Data Visualization Framework New markers, layers, and utility classes for easy thematic mapping and data visualization. Scott Fairgrieve
Leaflet.D3SvgOverlay SVG overlay class for using with D3 library. Supports zoom animation and scaling without need to redraw the layer. Kirill Zhuravlev
mapbox-gl-leaflet Binding from Mapbox GL JS to the Leaflet API Tom MacWright

Interaction with geometries/features

The following plugins enable users to interact with overlay data: edit geometries, select areas or features, interact with the time dimension, search features and display information about them.

Edit geometries

Allows users to create, draw, edit and/or delete points, lines and polygons.

Leaflet.FreeDraw Zoopla inspired freehand polygon creation using Leaflet.js and D3. Wildhoney
Leaflet.plotter leaflet-plotter allows you to create routes using a leaflet powered map. You can click on the mid-points to create a new, draggable point. Nathan Mahdavi
Leaflet.Editable.Polyline Editable polylines: move existing points, add new points and split polylines. Tomo Krajina
Leaflet.draw Enables drawing features like polylines, polygons, rectangles, circles and markers through a very nice user-friendly interface with icons and hints. Recommended! Jacob Toye
Leaflet.EditableHandlers A set of plugins that includes circle editing, measuring tool, and label for polygon sides. Kartena
Leaflet.StyleEditor Enables editing the styles of features (lines, polygons, etc) and markers with a GUI. Dennis Wilhelm
Leaflet.SimpleMarkers A light-weight Leaflet plugin for adding and deleting markers. Jared Dominguez
Leaflet.Editable Lightweight fully customisable and controlable drawing/editing plugin. Yohan Boniface
Leaflet.Path.Drag Drag handler and interaction for polygons and polylines (Demo) Alexander Milevski
Leaflet.Snap Enables snapping of draggable markers to polylines and other layers. Mathieu Leplatre
Leaflet.MapPaint Bitmap painting plugin designed for touch devices. Antoine Pultier
Leaflet.Storage Create/update/delete Map, Marker, Polygon, Polyline... and expose them for backend storage with an API. Yohan Boniface
Leaflet.Pather L.Pather is a freehand polyline creator that simplifies the polyline for mutability. Requires D3 support. Wildhoney
Leaflet.Illustrate Extension for Leaflet.draw enabling users to type annotations directly on maps. Justin Manley

Time & elevation

Most data is two-dimensional (latitude and longitude), but some data has more dimensions (altitude and/or time). The following plugins help users navigate these extra dimensions.

Leaflet.TimeDimension Add time dimension capabilities on a Leaflet map. Demos ICTS SOCIB
Leaflet Time-Slider The Leaflet Time-Slider enables you to dynamically add and remove Markers on a map by using a JQuery UI slider Dennis Wilhelm
LeafletPlayback Play back time-stamped GPS Tracks synchronized to a clock. Nicholas Hallahan
Leaflet.timeline Display arbitrary GeoJSON on a map with a timeline slider and play button. Jonathan Skeate
Leaflet.Elevation A Leaflet plugin to view interactive height profiles of GeoJSON lines using d3. Felix Bache
Leaflet.hotline A Leaflet plugin for drawing gradients along polylines. iosphere

Search & popups

Plugins that search for overlays and enhance how to display information about them.

leaflet-fusesearch A control that provides a panel to search features in a GeoJSON layer using the lightweight fuzzy search Fuse.js Antoine Riche
leaflet-search A control for search Markers/Features location by custom property in LayerGroup/GeoJSON. Support AJAX/JSONP, Autocompletion and 3rd party service Stefano Cudini
Leaflet.Rrose A Leaflet Plugin for Edge Cases. For use when you want popups on mouseover, not click, and you need popup tips to reorient as you get close to the edges of your map. Eric Theise
Leaflet.utfgrid Provides a utfgrid interaction handler for leaflet a very small footprint. Dave Leaver
Leaflet.RevealOSM Very simple but extendable Leaflet plugin to display OSM POIs data on map click. Yohan Boniface

Area/overlay selection

These plugins help users select either overlays or areas in the map.

Leaflet.AreaSelect A fixed positioned, resizable rectangle for selecting an area on the map. Jonatan Heyman
leaflet-locationfilter A draggable/resizable rectangle for selecting an area on the map. Robert Kajic
L.Control.LineStringSelect Fast LineString(polyline) partial selection tool: select a stretch between two points in a complex path. Demo Alexander Milevski
Leaflet.FeatureSelect Use a configurable centerpoint marker to select any geometry type from a GeoJSON layer. Aaron Ogle
Leaflet GeoJSON Selector Leaflet Control for selection from GeoJSON feature in a interactive list and map(Demo). Stefano Cudini

Map interaction

New ways to interact with the map itself.

Layer switching controls

The following plugins enhance or extend L.Control.Layers.

Leaflet.SelectLayers a Leaflet plugin which adds new control to switch between different layers on the map. New control replaces L.Control.Layers radio button panel with select tag. vogdb
Leaflet.StyledLayerControl A Leaflet plugin that implements the management and control of layers by organization into categories or groups. Davi Custodio
Leaflet.GroupedLayerControl Leaflet layer control with support for grouping overlays together. Ishmael Smyrnow
Leaflet Control Order Layers Adds the ability to change overlay order in the layers control. Michael Salgado
Leaflet Categorized Layers Leaflet Control Layers extended for groups of categorized layers Robbie Trencheny
Leaflet Panel Layers Leaflet Control Layers extended for group of layers and icons legend Stefano Cudini
Leaflet.UniformControl Leaflet layer control with stylable checkboxes and radio buttons. Chris Calip
Leaflet-IconLayers Leaflet control that displays base layers as small icons (demo). Alexander Zverev

Interactive pan/zoom

Change the way the user can interactively move around the map.

Leaflet.Pancontrol A simple panning control. Kartena
Leaflet.BoxZoom A visible, clickable control to perform a box zoom. Greg Allensworth
Leaflet.zoomslider A zoom slider control. Kartena
Leaflet.BorderPan A Leaflet plugin to pan by clicking on map borders. Sebastián Lara
Leaflet GameController Interaction handler providing support for gamepads. Antoine Pultier
Leaflet.twofingerZoom Interaction handler for touch devices enabling zooming out with a two finger tap. Adam Ratcliffe
Leaflet.ZoomBox A lightweight zoom box control: draw a box around the area you want to zoom to. Demo Brendan Ward
Leaflet LimitZoom Plugins to limit available zoom levels to a given list, either by restricting zooming or by interpolating tiles. Ilya Zverev

Bookmarked pan/zoom

Change the way the user is moved around the map, by jumping to predefined/stored places.

Leaflet.viewcenter A simple control that adds a button to change view and zoom to predefinied values in options. Dariusz Pawlak
leaflet-zoom-min Adds a button to the zoom control that allows you to zoom to the map minimum zoom level in a single click. Alan Shaw
Leaflet Navigation Toolbar Leaflet control for simple back, forward and home navigation. David C
Leaflet Locationlist A control to jump between predefined locations and zooms. Ivan Ignatyev
Leaflet.defaultextent A control that returns to the original start extent of the map. Similar to the HomeButton widget. Alex Nguyen
Leaflet.Bookmarks Control for adding and navigating between user-created bookmarks on the map. Alexander Milevski
Leaflet.ShowAll A control that can show a predefined extent while saving the current one so it can be jumped back to. Mor Yariv
Leaflet.zoomhome Zoom control with a home button for resetting the view (Demo) Florian Brucker
Leaflet-History Track history of map movements and zoom locations similar to a browser. Chris Scott
Leaflet.RestoreView Stores and restores map view using localStorage. Mathieu Leplatre
leaflet-hash Plugin for persisting map state and browsing history through the URL hash. Michael Lawrence Evans

Fullscreen controls

Allows display of the map in full-screen mode.

Leaflet.fullscreen A fullscreen button control by mapbox mapbox
leaflet.fullscreen Another fullscreen button control but for modern browsers, using HTML5 Fullscreen API. Bruno B
leaflet.zoomfs A fullscreen button control. Eli Dupuis

Minimaps & synced maps

Display two maps at once. One of them might be a different size and zoom level, usable as a minimap to aid with navigation.

Leaflet.Sync Synchronized view of two maps. Bjørn Sandvik
Leaflet.MiniMap A small minimap showing the map at a different scale to aid navigation. Robert Nordan
Leaflet.MagnifyingGlass Allows you to display a small portion of the map at another zoom level, either at a fixed position or linked to the mouse movement, for a magnifying glass effect. Benjamin Becquet
Leaflet.layerscontrol-minimap Extends the default Leaflet layers control with synced minimaps. Jieter


Allow the user to measure distances or areas.

Leaflet.MeasureControl A simple tool to measure distances on maps (*relies on Leaflet.Draw*). Makina Corpus
Leaflet.MeasureAreaControl Control for measuring element's area. Ondrej Zvara
leaflet-measure Coordinate, linear, and area measure control for Leaflet maps LJA GIS
leaflet-graphicscale Animated graphic scale control (demo). Erik Escoffier

Mouse coordinates

Show the geographical coordinates under the mouse cursor in different ways.

Leaflet.MousePosition A simple MousePosition control that displays geographic coordinates of the mouse pointer, as it is moved about the map Ardhi Lukianto
Leaflet.Coordinates A simple Leaflet plugin viewing the mouse LatLng-coordinates. Also views a marker with coordinate popup on userinput. Felix Bache
Leaflet Coordinates Control Captures mouseclick and displays its coordinates with easy way to copy them. Michal Zimmermann
Leaflet.NACCoordinates Displays NAC coordinate of the mouse pointer on mouse move (Demo) Mahmood Dehghan
Leaflet.mouseCoordinates Displays the Mouse Coordinate in a Box. Multiple Formats Are Possible
  • GPS
  • UTM
Johannes Rudolph


These plugins extend Leaflet event handling.

L.Sleep Avoid unwanted scroll capturing. Demo atstp
Leaflet.OverIntent Adds a new event ``mouseintent``, that differs from ``mouseover`` since it reflects user intentions to aim a particular layer. Mathieu Leplatre
Leaflet.AlmostOver Trigger mouse events when cursor is "almost" over a layer. Mathieu Leplatre
Leaflet-active-area This plugin allows you to use a smaller portion of the map as an active area. All positioning methods (setView, fitBounds, setZoom) will be applied on this portion instead of the all map. Mappy
Leaflet.ControlledBounds Inspired by Leaflet-active-area, automatically detects the largest area of the map not covered by any map controls and applies setView, fitBounds, setZoom, getBounds to that area. Iván Sánchez Ortega, MazeMap
singleclick Extend Map to fire a singleclick event (example). Guillaume Lathoud

User interface

Buttons, sliders, toolbars, sidebars, and panels.

L.EasyButton In one line, add a Font Awesome control button with attached click events. Demo atstp
Leaflet.contextmenu A context menu for Leaflet. Adam Ratcliffe
leaflet-sidebar A responsive sidebar plugin. Tobias Bieniek
sidebar-v2 Another responsive sidebar plugin. This time with tabs! Tobias Bieniek
Leaflet.Messagebox Display a temporary text message on a map (Demo) Martijn Grendelman
Leaflet.TileLegend Create illustrated and interactive legends for your background layers. Yohan Boniface
Leaflet.toolbar Flexible, extensible toolbars for Leaflet maps. View an example here. Justin Manley
L.Credits A simple, attractive, interactive control to put your logo and link in the corner of your map. Greg Allensworth
Leaflet.Spin Shows a nice spinner on the map using Spin.js, for asynchronous data load, like with Leaflet Ajax. Mathieu Leplatre
Leaflet Weather A Leaflet plugin for adding a weather widget to the map using OpenWeatherMap API (Demo). Osk
Leaflet ResizableControl A Leaflet plugin to add a resizable and scrollable control to the map (Demo). David Albrecht


Print or export your map.

Leaflet.print Implements the Mapfish print protocol allowing a Leaflet map to be printed using either the Mapfish or GeoServer print module. Adam Ratcliffe
Leaflet-image Export images out of Leaflet maps without a server component, by using Canvas and CORS. Tom MacWright


Plugins that extend Leaflet’s geolocation capabilities.

L.LocationShare Allow users to send and receive a marker with a message. Demo atstp
Leaflet.Locate A customizable locate control. Dominik Moritz
Leaflet Control Compass A leaflet control plugin to build a simple rotating compass Stefano Cudini
Leaflet.AccuratePosition Leaflet.AccuratePosition aims to provide a desired device location accuracy. Michael Schmidt-Voigt



The following plugins perform several sorts of geoprocessing (mathematical and topological operations on points, lines and polygons).

Proj4Leaflet Proj4js integration plugin, allowing you to use all kinds of weird projections in Leaflet. Kartena
arc.js A JS library for drawing great circle routes that can be used with Leaflet. Dane Springmeyer
Leaflet-pip Simple point in polygon calculation using point-in-polygon. Tom MacWright
Leaflet.GeometryUtil A collection of utilities for Leaflet geometries (linear referencing, etc.) Benjamin Becquet, Mathieu Leplatre
Greiner-Hormann Greiner-Hormann algorithm for polygon clipping and binary operations, adapted for use with Leaflet. Alexander Milevski
Leaflet.Geodesic Draw geodesic (poly)lines. A geodesic line is the shortest path between two given positions on the earth surface. and You can also calculate the exact distance between two given points on the map. Henry Thasler
Leaflet.buffer Enables buffering of shapes drawn with Leaflet.draw. Jonathan Skeate
Leaflet.LayerIndex An efficient spatial index for features and layers, using RTree.js. Mathieu Leplatre
leaflet-spatial-prefix-tree Leaflet plugin for visualizing spatial prefix trees, quadtree and geohash. See demo Mapzen


The following plugins use external services to calculate driving or walking routes.

Leaflet Routing Machine Control for route search with via points, displaying itinerary and alternative routes. Uses OSRM by default, but also supports GraphHopper, Mapbox Directions API and more. Per Liedman
Leaflet.Routing Leaflet controller and interface for routing paths between waypoints using any user provided routing service. Norwegian Trekking Association
Route360° Route360° visualizes the area which is reachable from a set of starting points in a given time and gives detailed routing information (walk, bike, car and public transportation) to targets. Motion Intelligence GmbH
Leaflet RouteBoxer This is a Leaflet implementation of the RouteBoxer Class from Google. The Leaflet RouteBoxer class generates a set of L.LatLngBounds objects that are guaranteed to cover every point within a specified distance of a path. Nearest!


External services that transform an address or the name of a place into latitude and longitude (or vice versa).

Leaflet GeoSearch Small geocoding plugin that brings address searching/lookup (aka geosearching) to Leaflet.
Comes with support for Google, OpenStreetMap Nominatim, Bing, Esri and Nokia. Easily extensible.
Stephan Meijer
Leaflet Control OSM Geocoder A simple geocoder that uses OpenstreetMap Nominatim to locate places by address. Karsten Hinz
Leaflet Control Bing Geocoder A simple geocoder control that uses Bing to locate places. Samuel Piquet
Leaflet Control Geocoder A clean and extensible control for both geocoding and reverse geocoding. Builtin support for Nominatim, Bing, MapQuest, Mapbox, What3Words, Google and Photon. Easy to extend to other providers. Per Liedman
Leaflet GeoIP Locator A simple plugin that allows finding the approximate location of IP addresses and map centering on said location. Jakub Dostal
Esri Leaflet Geocoder A geocoding control with suggestions powered by the ArcGIS Online geocoder. Patrick Arlt
Leaflet.OpenCage.Search A search plugin plugin that uses OpenCage Data's geocoding API. The OpenCage team
Leaflet.Geonames A lightweight geocoding control powered by GeoNames. Demo Brendan Ward

Plugin collections

Sets of plugins that span several categories.

Plugin developers: please keep future plugins in individual repositories.

Plugins by Pavel Shramov A set of plugins for: GPX, KML layers; Bing tile layer; Google and Yandex layers (implemented with their APIs), permalink and distance measurement controls. Pavel Shramov, Bruno B
Spectrum4Leaflet Tools for using Spectrum Spatial Server services with leaflet. This plugin supports: map service, tile service, feature service. It has layers, legend and feature controls. SVoyt, ESTI MAP
MapBBCode-related leaflet plugins Seven plugins for various features, independent of the MapBBCode library. From circular and popup icons to buttons, layer switcher, better search and attribution. Ilya Zverev


Frameworks & build systems

Ease your development integrating Leaflet into a development framework or automating some of the javascript/CSS work for complex applications.

Leaflet Yeoman Generator Yeoman generator that scaffolds out a basic Leaflet map application. Moritz Klack
react-leaflet React components for Leaflet maps. Paul Le Cam
Leaflet.CSS Add the main Leaflet CSS files (or any css) from within JavaScript, be gone conditional comments. Calvin Metcalf
Leaflet LayerConfig Provide a json file or service response with a configuration of layers and markers to automatically set up a Leaflet client. Alexander Nossum
Leaflet.i18n Internationalization for Leaflet plugins. Yohan Boniface
Leaflet ZoomLevel CSS Class Add zoom level css class to map element for easy style updates based on zoom levels Dag Jomar Mersland
famous-map Integrate Leaflet in applications made with the famo.us web framework. Hein Rutjes
Angular Leaflet directive Integrate Leaflet in applications made with the AngularJS web framework. David Rubert
<leaflet-map> Integrate Leaflet in applications made with the Polymer >= 1.0 web component framework. Hendrik Brummermann, Prateek Saxena
Leaflet map component Integrate Leaflet in applications made with the Polymer 0.5 web framework. Prateek Saxena

3rd party integration

The following plugins integrate Leaflet into third party services or websites.

Leaflet.EditInOSM Add a control with links to open the current map view on main OSM editors. Yohan Boniface
Maps Marker Pro A WordPress plugin that enables users to pin, organize and share their favorite places and tracks through their WordPress powered site. Robert Harm
WordPress Leaflet Map Interactive and flexible shortcode to create multiple maps in posts and pages, and to add multiple markers on those maps. Benjamin J DeLong
Maptiks Analytics platform for web maps. Track map activities, layer load times, marker clicks, and more! Sparkgeo

Develop your own

Leaflet keeps it simple. If you can think of a feature that is not required by all of Leaflet users, and you can write the javascript code in a reusable way, you’ve got yourself a Leaflet plugin already.

There are no hard requirements on how to create your own plugin, but all developers are encouraged to read the recommendations in the plugin guide.

Once your plugin is ready, you can submit it to this list: just send a pull request with the addition to Leaflet repo’s gh-pages branch (plugins.md file).